Introducing the KWATT Coin

KWATT is tokenized electricity, powered by 4NEW.
1 KWATT = 1 kW of electricity per year

Due to heavy call volume, escrow verification is only available to investors investing greater than USD 10,000. For escrow verification inquiries kindly call +447384657730 in order to facilitate approval for verification request.

Please note, FRNCoin has been renamed KWATT Coin. All purchases of FRNCoin made prior to December 26th, 2017 will be repriced at USD $0.50. Additional coins will be automatically remitted to the respective wallets. The bonuses from the respective pre-sale rounds in which the investment was applied remain in place.

State of Affairs

Cryptocurrencies global market capitalization has surpassed $500 billion USD rising over 2000% in 2017.

However, as of December 2017, Bitcoin mining energy intake has officially surpassed the entire energy consumption of Denmark.

In 2018, Bitcoin mining will consume enough energy to be listed as the twentieth country in the world by energy consumption.

1 Bitcoin transaction consumes as much power as the daily average consumption of 8.85 US households.

Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is not feasible or sustainable at this rate.

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Data as of December 25, 2017

What is 4NEW?

4NEW is the world's first eco-friendly, tangible, waste to energy blockchain solution.

We collect & process waste, and we turn it into free energy and organic byproducts.

We apply it to our crypto-mining farm resolving the achilles heel of cryptocurrencies; voracious energy consumption met with free energy production.

4NEW will usher in the global widespread, mainstream utilization of cryptocurrencies.

Each KWATT Coin embodies one kilowatt of electricity per year.

To learn more about the Waste to Energy industry please click here.

Why Blockchain?

4NEW is a producer of energy. Consequently, 4NEW enjoys a unique vantage point to apply its energy at a fixed price, inflation adjusted for a significant period of time. This will enable standardization of transaction fees within the crypto community.

This standardization of fees cannot be matched by any other blockchain as they have to purchase their energy from retailers.

Our blockchain will enable payment system platform that can accommodate all utilization of the KWATT Coin in varied and diverse industries.

Please note, we are producers of energy, NOT an exchange platform.

To learn more about the plant please click here.

What is the KWATT Coin?

The KWATT Coin represents 4NEW’s goods and services. It is the future energy output of the 4NEW plant over its lifetime.

By being a holder of one KWATT Coin, people of the community hold one kilowatt of electricity per year in their wallets.

The KWATT Coin will also represent a certain hashing capacity per token for the crypto-mining operation.

Placing the power in the hands of the people.



V Datta Founder & Chairman
Sandeep Golechha CEO
Peter Teasdale COO
Micheal Liburd CMO
Stephen Fiser Technical Lead
Darren Stones CIO
Madeleine Teasdale Business Development
Kaustuv Ghosh Blockchain Specialist

Advisory Team

Saransh Sharma President
Matt O'Donnell Payments & Blockchain Specialist
Richard Todd Waste Specialist
J T Rao Smart Meter Solutions
Ashraf Agha Treasury & Blockchain Specialist
Marcus Ubl Business Advisory
Darshana Ubl Business Advisory
Victor Buchanan Waste to Energy
Andrew Springett Waste to Energy


4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly, tangible, Waste to Energy blockchain solution with disruptive, exponential and concrete ramifications.

No. 4NEW is NOT a security. 4NEW coins are considered to be “Commodity Tokens”. 4NEW coin holders are purchasing the future goods and services of 4NEW at deeply discounted prices. There is absolutely no ownership or profit share in the company of any sort.

4NEW is the only Waste to Energy treatment plant that will provide services across the entire supply chain of converting waste to energy. Therefore, 4NEW functions as a wholesaler of waste and energy. Most financial transactions that occur within this industry are limited to cash or credit card. However, by integrating the blockchain and direct ledger technology to architect a platform for this industry will lead to an exponential acceptance. This integration of the technology into the real world, tangible operations is what differentiates 4NEW from all other ICO’s currently prevalent.

Both Energy and Waste, fall within the Utilities sector of the economy. This means that these services benefit every household. Without these services, functioning in the modern world would be impossible. Currently, the world is experiencing a crisis of waste surplus and energy shortfalls. Our solution mitigates two social problems with major impact. Furthermore, the energy we produce will be sold at a discounted price to the prevalent market rates. In this fashion consumer adoption will be rapid in lieu of the savings presented to the consumer. And money saved is money earned.

The waste and energy industries are still operating on archaic and antiquated payment systems. Most transactions are still settled with cash payments in an extremely fragmented market that is dominated by small businesses. The industries are yearning for a more efficient system to be in place. 4NEW will develop a blockchain network that will facilitate payment systems within the two industries by integrating all financial transactions to be incurred with the 4NEW Coin. This will enable standardization of the industries at large and rapid consumer adoption given the need to have waste collected, energy provided and savings earned by the end consumers. This will also facilitate efficiency and convenience as consumers will be able to make timed payments with their 4NEW Coins.

Timed payments correlate to accounts receivables. End consumers will have the ability to make payments either in advance of monthly bills or at a lag over a 90 day period to help with their domestic budgeting.

While there are many external factors that can impact pricing and stability, nevertheless two primary internal factors that are most responsible for driving price stability within any market is Predictability of Supply and Demand and Liquidity. 4NEW plants will have a very clear and precise output capacity of energy that it can generate. This will help articulate the finite amount of energy supply that each plant can generate. Furthermore, given the severe energy shortfalls nationally and globally, the finite energy produced will be purchased, given the competitive product pricing. This predictability facilities the market to assess the exact amount of supply and demand for energy at any given point in time with the ability to foresee six to twelve months into the future. Any increase in output capacity will be announced well in advance allowing the market to price the additional value add in a systematic manner. Furthermore, the demand for 4NEW energy and services will help drive new entrants into the world of cryptocurrency. This growth in crypto-population will lead to the 4NEW coin always maintaining liquidity as there will be new buyers for it. Our goal is to maintain a stable and growing coin value for the future.

While our focus currently is to offer and grow our services in United Kingdom over the next 24 months, we are however, keen to explore global expansion and growth in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

4NEW services will drive new entrants into the cryptocurrency world thereby making these markets more mainstream and common place. The more new members the markets attain, the greater the liquidity in the marketplace which will benefit everyone in creating a competitive marketplace. As they say “An incoming tide floats all boats”. Additionally, we also intend to demonstrate to the marketplace best practices for responsible self governance and compliance, while we await regulatory agencies to determine best course for the marketplace. We believe, the best companies with the purest intent to build and grow legitimate enterprises will govern themselves to the highest standards, as we intend to do. These companies will survive and be the crypto giants of the future like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple are to the internet world.

Being that both Energy and Waste are highly regulated sectors with a tremendous amount of bureaucracy, we project the legal hurdles in different countries to attain permits and licensure will slow the process of global incorporation. However, we do plan to initiate this process within the next 24 months which will enable 4NEW to experience an exponential rampant growth phase of its evolution over the next 3 to 5 years.

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